happy birthday to me

my mom and i went shopping at my favorite thrift store last year on my birthday.  we took all four boys with us; which means a little bit of crazy.  thrift shopping is awesome and at HOPE thrift (in richmond, va) where they have $1 clothes week i stock up.  so i went to the register with an arm load of clothes; my mom checked out ahead of me.  after the cashier had rung up my pile; a lady in line behind me tapped me on the shoulder.  “i would like to pay for your purchase” she said.  instantly my mind went defensive and selfish-how haggard do i look for this women to feel the need to pay for my thrift store clothes?  my kids must have done it- she feels sorry for the poor mom with 4, out of control, boys.  “oh you don’t have to do that” i said.  “i would like to; God has greatly blessed me and i would like to bless you”  she said.  and smack, i got hit in the face with God’s goodness and my pride.  my face went hot and my eyes welled with tears.  “it’s my birthday today” i blubbered and hugged the godly stranger lady.  “thank you”.  the woman behind the counter held back tears as she handed me my bag and i rushed out the door to my mom and boys to share my birthday story.

that was last year’s birthday.  this year i’m in a new place- physically, emotionally, spiritually.  God has heaped blessings upon me.  i’m going shopping at my new thrift store.  we’ll see what happens; maybe i will pay for the person in line in front of me.

happy birthday to me.


(on a ridiculous side note:  i took the boys to a winter survival homeschool coop yesterday.  we went hiking in the “backcountry” -what does that even mean?  we rushed out the door at the last minute -surprise, surprise- and i didn’t even think to take sunscreen.  i’m 35 years old; i have 4 kiddos, we are outside all the time!  but you’d think i was a newbie!  today we all have glowing red faces (mine’s the worst) and i’m slathering on aloe.  when am i gonna grow up?)


what i wore www….woops it’s thursday

i’ve seen lots of bloggers who post what i wore wednesday; so i thought i’d give it a try but being the scatterbrained person that i am. here it is thursday and i’m posting.  what i wore thursday doesn’t jingle quite as well does it? maybe i will make it wednesday next week. or maybe i will not like posting pictures of myself and my clothes and i will never do it again. hmmm…..

so skinny jeans- levi’s that i bought at the awesome HOPE thrift store in richmond, va. for $1 (oh how i miss dollar days!).  shirt levi also- couldn’t believe it when i looked, matching brands.  bought this shirt maybe 15 years ago and i still like it.  yes i admit, i am more than thrifty when it comes to clothes; and i have a tendency to save clothes for years and years.  (like i’ve got some stuff from high school in my closet).  shoes are kid’s size converse which i bought at target on sale!  i was so excited to discover that i could fit in a kid’s size converse because they are cheaper and just as cute.


i wore my hair in a high pony tail with fishtail braid.  this braid is so easy and gives you a different twist on your regular braid.

so there you have it.  my afternoon at the skate park outfit.  because that’s where we went today with some friends; not because i have any skating ability.  my biggest is learning to skateboard.

not sure i will be posting more- what i wore.  what’s up with my weird face in the picture- i don’t like photos of myself.