what we’re making this week

i haven’t told you about what i’m up to in the creativity department in a while; i figured it was about time.

actually first i want to share a recipe with you; a recipe i have been using a lot lately.  ginger cookies, or molasses cookies whatever you want to call them… they may be the greatest cold weather cookie in existence!  now i am a chocolate kinda girl, so normally i would choose chocolate chip over every other kind of cookie; but these cookies are something special.  i’m talking melt in your mouth, make you feel all warm and cozy, eat six before you realize it, perfectly pretty and round, kind of cookie.  a dear friend of mine shared this recipe with me a few years ago; i don’t know it’s original source (mrs. judy, if you are reading this and know where the recipe came from please share).  i have no pictures of these delectable cookies to because, quite frankly, they get eaten too fast.

ginger molasses cookies

2 1/4 cups flour

2 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp ginger

1 1/2 sticks butter softened

1 cup brown sugar

1 egg

1/4 + molasses (i never measure this really and i think i use more like 1/3 a cup)

~ 1/4 cup granulated sugar for rolling the dough~

preheat your oven to 350; sift flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, and ginger in a small bowl.  beat butter and sugar for about 2 minutes; add egg and molasses and beat some more.  gradually add flour until combined.  scoop teaspoon size clumps and roll them into a ball then roll in sugar.  place on ungreased baking sheet and cook for 8-10 minutes.  you don’t want these to get over done so keep on eye on them.

if its snowing outside you should definitely be making these cookies for an afternoon snack!


there’s happy valentines creative mess going on in my house.  getting denim cuffs and clothespins put together for my instashop’s valentines package sale has me in happy heart mode.  notice the valentines decorations that are hanging in my house (top pics) are blue.  all the red, pink, and purple is heading out the door and through the mail to friends and gracious customers.  the boys complain just because it’s out on the table… “mom why’s all this pink stuff in our house…”  ahhh boys.


i’ve been playing around with making prints on pic monkey.  it’s pretty easy to use, and it’s free.  of course you can pay to get betterfeatures, but you don’t have to.  i’m super excited about these little prints that i made for the red valentines packages.


i usually only share what i’ve been making, but this week the hubs brought this home.  i know right, it’s amazing!  he is a builder so he’s always making things (like houses and barns), but this is incredible (well houses and barns are incredible too, but they aren’t sitting in my living room) .  i’m so proud, and full of ideas for more furniture.  hmmm….. a new kitchen table might be in my future.

the boys and i have also started on some simple woodworking project for school as part of my “let’s make something in the garage b/c it’s snowing outside campaign”.  i will post pictures when we get a little further along in the process- who wants to look at piles of sanded wood?

that’s about it: cookies, valentines, and furniture- that’s what we’re making ’round here.  and now i’m off to make some potato soup and homemade rolls for dinner.


handmade gifts

i had good intentions i really did; but i forgot that i would be staying at the lake with my parents.  the wonderful, serene, gorgeous lake that has horrible internet (it was honestly good to be unplugged for a bit).  so despite all my good intentions to keep up with this blog; i have failed.  and here i am again pledging to be more diligent.

next week is christmas so anyone want to see what i’ve been up to?  christmas presents, decorations and such… anyone?  well i’m gonna share regardless, and since we already celebrated christmas with most of our family and friends, i can share freely without banning them from onthedoorposts.


we made these photo display boards at the craft night that i hosted in november.  i loosely followed this tutorial i found on pinterest.  i don’t even know how many of them i gave out; it was a lot because once a started crafting i just couldn’t stop.

IMG_5053  IMG_5021 IMG_4930

most of the girls in my life got the first fruits of the crafting for my etsy shop.


christmas gifts:  i love giving handmade.  i love to receive handmade gifts too; i feel like it’s more of an investment.  i have worked hard on this gift all the while thinking of you.  my boys gave some killer gifts also, and of course i forgot to take pictures:  a hand whittled walking stick went to one grandmother and a wooden cross to the other.  (i’m secretly hoping i get one of each for christmas )  perhaps the gift that i enjoyed making the most was the tea napkins, placemat, and dress that i made for my niece.  i don’t think i’ve ever made a dress before; it was all girly and ruffles and pinkish fun.  


this pretty little bag was also fun to make.  my boys thought it was a dress too or an apron- heehee- it does look like a cute little apron i’d like to wear.  tote bags out of a cute tea towel, a super easy but really cute gift to make and give.

well that’s all for handmade christmas gifts.  i will be baking and making a few more things for new friends and neighbors this week.  hope you take the time to make at least a gift or two this year; you will not regret the time you invest and the one who receives the gift will feel extra loved.

tomorrow… christmas decorations, and thursday the very delayed 1 peter study