more or less

i have a friend who is writing a book.  she is amazing, and when it is ready i will happily share it with you and shout her praises and unashamedly push her book.  but today i’m feeling a little less.  i have a friend who is writing a book; i have a friend who is adopting a baby; i have a friend who is traveling to uganda; i have a friend who’s training for a triathlon.  meanwhile i’ve got laundry piled up to my ears (have you noticed laundry is an ongoing problem for me- i hate it)  i made some really gross pumpkin muffins this morning for my children for breakfast.  i could surely use some makeup and a hairbrush about now; and honestly i just had to run outside because i could hear my kids screaming at each other while i was in the bathroom.  (ok so that’s a lie; i didn’t run.  i waited and listened to see if anyone was hurt.  upon deciphering that the voices were merely angry fighting boys and not injured children, i walked slowly outside to face the reality.  the reality which was, my older boys on the roof of the house chucking snowballs at my littles who were on the roof of the shed…. seriously.)

some days i feel less; less of a disciple, less of a wife, less of a mom.  maybe i’ve been struggling with this a lot lately; because i seem to be working it out in one form or another is several places.  we all feel less sometimes.  we can all look at others and wish we were more.

yesterday during women’s bible study, i was reminded of how God views me; of what God calls me.  a saint, anointed, His child, beloved, worthy, heir, sister, daughter… so today as i’m feeling less; i’m trying to remember that He is more.  that His words, His view, His plan is more; and He has given more to me.  in grasping more; i strive to be more.  not in a competitive, jealous, keeping-up kind of way.  i strive to live up to the words He has spoken over me.  to face my rowdy, snowball throwing boys with grace and peace.  i strive to entrench myself in His word so that His words will flow from my mouth.  i tackle the task He has given me with joy.

i will not be writing books anytime soon; but i will sit down and read to my children.  i will tell them stories of my youth, stories of their lives, and stories from my heart.  i will not be adopting a newborn, but i will love on my friend and encourage and pray for her as she mothers her baby.  i will hug my children- biological and adopted -and remember the days when their hands were so little and their cheeks so sweet.  there are no trips to africa planned for our family; but we have friends across the world whom i will pray for as they reach out to the lost and the hopeless.  i will show the love of Christ to my neighbors and my friends down the street and be His hands and feet right where i live.  i will most surely not be training for a triathlon or a marathon or even a 5k (i do not like participating in races), but i will choose health.  i will do T25 with my son who loves to “workout” and i will talk a walk outside today and enjoy the sunshine.

i am feeling less today, but i am consciously choosing to be more.



i’m excited!

we overuse words don’t we; or i suppose we misuse words.  i’m excited about going to this concert; i’m so excited i won a million dollars; i’m excited to eat these chocolate chip cookies i just made.  right?  well i’m excited this week for big things and little things and i’m realizing that i should learn to express myself better and expand my vocabulary; but for now i’m going with “excited”!

i’m excited about the great deal that i got on cereal this week.  i know, cereal, not really worth the word.  but you have to understand that finding deals and saving money really does make me happy!  the hubs knows my excitement when i come home from the grocery store bragging about the sales and coupons that i used!  so this week it’s $1.50 cheerios!  woohoo!  that’s for the big box!  city market, which is our version of kroger, had a sale on general mills cereal $1.99 a box if you bought 5 things on the list; and i had a coupon for $1 off 2.  for some of you buying 5 boxes of cereal is absurd but not for this mama of 4 hungry boys!  i gotta stock up when i can; because they can eat through a box in a day if i let them!  the sale only lasts through today; so get going if you want to catch it! has printable coupons to save even more!  


exciting thing #2: it’s getting cooler here.  i know i will probably not be excited about the cooler temperatures in a few months; but right now it’s wonderful!  the nights are cool, and the days are warm.  which makes for chilly mornings!  crisp mornings are my favorite!  i love to step outside on a brisk morning; it wakes me up and gives me a bright outlook.  i can have a cup of warm tea and read in the morning; a perfect way to start each day.  

i’m also excited to be meeting new friends and visiting with longtime friends.  we had a chance to spend time with some va friends this past weekend.  it was a sweet time for our whole family, and a great encouragement to me to begin building relationships here!  i am so thankful for good friends!  i need to be working to create those kind of friendships with people here too!  {side note: we went to focus on the family welcome center with our friends; it was fantastic!  the kids had a blast!  i highly recommend a trip there if you are ever in co springs!  if you can go with awesome friends it’s even better!}

other exciting things for me:  a trip to costco, a visit to the ranch where the hubs is working, gift box from grandparents (that was exciting for the boys!), our truck is fixed, free online homeschool resources, signing up my oldest for football…


final exciting thing:  well i saved the best for last!  and herein lies my dilemma with word usage, because this so far outweighs all the other exciting things for me.  i can’t even put them in the same category!  my second son was baptized this sunday at our church picnic.  he has been growing in his relationship with the Lord for several years; so it was incredible to see him choose to publicly identify with Jesus!  we are so proud of him!  he has such a sweet simple faith; he hears what is pleasing to God and he wants to obey!  i couldn’t be more excited!