i’ve never chosen “one little word” for the year.  i’m honestly not much of a planner; so choosing a theme word for a whole year seems daunting.  but the start of this year has been daunting in and of itself.  our family is going through change; we are learning and growing and adapting.  parenting four boys with different personalities, interests, and needs can be intimidating.  throw in the beginning of adolescence for one and some special needs for another and you’ve got a recipe for two overwhelmed parents.  trying to know my children and care for them well has caused me to sink deeper into prayer, thought, reading the Word, and research at the start of this year.  it has also pushed me to be more aware of myself and want needs i have.  somehow parenting can do that; we try to figure out what to do for our kids and we end up learning more about ourselves.

in all the searching and digging i’ve been doing; God has actually brought “one little word” to me this year.  it’s a word for me; a theme for my year; a little of who i am and who i want to be.


community is important to me; it is important to God; it is important to us as Christ followers.  i have always longed for community.  in community i am complete; my joy can be full; i can love better and worship more fully; i can bring more glory to God. so this year i want to gather people into community.  gather-to bring together into one group, collection, or place.  i want to gather people to commune and fellowship and worship.  i want to gather our family together to be close, to enjoy each other, to grow.  i want to gather memories, flowers, good food, joy, eggs, quilts, books….


so there you have it “gather” it’s my mantra for 2015.

do you have a theme for this year?

is there “one little word” you’ve chosen?



so i probably shouldn’t title this post haiti because i can imagine that there will be more than one post in which i mention haiti and how unoriginal is it to title them haiti 1,2,3,4….  and this post isn’t all that much about haiti.  but i must say that this mind has no creative titles for today.  i’m supposed to be folding laundry and yet here i sit: bowl of m&ms that i stole from my hubs stash; blogging; watching a nonsense romance on netflix.  but i’m thinking haiti today and community and discipleship so i’m writing.

i have only made one trip to haiti; the hubs has made many.  we have connected with people there.  we’ve made friends; and quite frankly living in a sea of newness i am missing friends.  lifelong friends, family friends, va friends, and haiti friends.  we were reading a blog post from the orphan home we have supported this week; and i wanted to weep; and i wanted to touch, and soak in every familiar face that i could see in the photographs.  part of my heart wants to fly to haiti sweep up a handful of those kids and bring them home with me.  i am so thankful for what the people at alex’s house are doing.   “Haiti is a dark place, but Alex’s House is raising up disciples who can change this country.”  and i am grateful for a community of believers all over the world who are doing amazing things and who i can call friends.  i could list them.  i could tell you all about bloggers who are just regular mom’s who adopt babies, and siblings, and teenagers.  or young women who travel across the ocean and live in humble places to love on the one’s we only see in heartbreaking pictures.  or about families who choose to obey in the every day; to sacrifice in ways that no one sees… but i will save you from that extensive list.

i’m reading in romans about community and unity and in ephesians.  and i am struck by paul’s list of loved ones.  how he had so many that he could call friends, that he had lived life with and they were scattered all over.  and i find solace in his list and in knowing that no matter where i am haiti, va, co;  i can strive with other believers together to “with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” romans 15:6