my boys are explorers!  i’m convinced that if there were still unknown territories in the world they would be begging us to pioneer into uncharted waters!  they love to “look around” “go adventuring” “explore” all the places.

i am so thankful for our house at apple flats where they have space to roam and wander.  i’m tempted to always take off with them; i want to join in on their expeditions.  a few days ago, after i’d packed a backpack and water bottle for my youngest and secured it on his back; i sat in the kitchen gazing out the window as they marched off.  i wanted to follow, but i knew that mommy presence might spoil the fun.

i know that the bond my boys have is tight and strong, in some part due to the freedom i give them to explore on their own.  they’ve returned from exploring- oldest carrying the youngest; helping each other tote their found treasures; all ablaze of excitement to share what they’ve discovered.  i do not doubt that my presence on such trips would void some of that brotherly care and joy.  i’ve a nack for spoiling the fun.  i’d have limited the number of dry cattails they stuck in their pockets, or warned against wading through the frigid creek water.  i’d have spied a safer route or a better way and directed them far too much.

i’ll admit i’m a bit jealous sometimes; like last week when they returned eyes sparkling, beckoning me to come and see what treasure they’d found.  a huge set of elk antlers set in our yard; i mean huge!  and boys were all a jumble of voices and words to tell me about the fantastic find.  part of me feels like i’m missing out on the adventure!  part of me wouldn’t trade their independent little boy adventures for the world.  because that is exactly what i’m after- hearts that yearn for excitement; minds that are never satisfied with what they’ve read but want the experience; souls that know deeply that their Maker has great things in store for them, if they take the time to explore!


journey to co part one

i figured i should write about our trip from va to c.o. before i forget how it went.  because you know my mind isn’t the steel trap that it used to be-ha.  four little boys tend to take up a large amount of my mental space.  we’ve been here in co for about a month now; i can hardly believe it.

i guess i should start with the back story of how we came to leave v.a. in the first place.  so i’m not going to get the whole story out in one post.

God started working on the hearts of the hubs and i sometime back; stirring us up to imagine something different than the life we were living.  not that our life was bad; in fact i thought it was fabulous in many ways.  we had great friends and family close by; a great church; we were settled into life; i thought i finally had figured out the perfect spot on our property to plant veggies…  but the Lord delights in our unexpected.  just when we start to get comfortable in our own skin; He likes to stretch us enough that it takes us awhile to settle in again.

we knew we were in for a change, for a new adventure.  it seems in our family that God only ever allows us 6 months or so to get settled, then on to the next challenge!  i pictured a little farmhouse with big land; somewhere i could sit on my front porch and chat with my elderly neighbors about the growing corn and apple pie recipes.  my dreams were all wrapped around my heart like twine.  well i suppose you know how that goes…  (back to this thought later)

so we began to pray about what, where and how and God opened doors and paved huge pathways for us.  He really directed the hubs to steamboat springs, c.o. where some dear friends of ours had recently moved.  so we started moving in the direction the Lord was pushing us.

we had a contract on our house in 12 days. (which we had tried to sell for about 2 years prior)  the hubs quit his job; but ended up with lots of side work doing construction jobs to help sustain us in the interim.  we took a quick trip out to c.o. to see the town, and were welcomed wholeheartedly by the church.  some amazing friends offered to help move us across country.  a new c.o. friend helped us find a place to rent via internet, emailed pics, and phone.  things fell into place so obviously and simply for us.  we couldn’t deny God’s hand in it.

and so we packed up our belongings in a uhaul truck and fired up the rv; we said sweet farewells- or see you laters- to friends and family. we headed west with no clue except the direction we were headed.

…to be continued…