i like fun socks and….kale

what do you know about yourself that you didn’t know ten years ago?

i got a text from a dear friend today.  she was shopping and looking at socks which apparently reminded her of me.  why?  because i love fun socks; bright colors or happy little patterned socks, crazy socks, mix-matched socks, anything but navy blue itchy knee socks (which i had to wear with my plaid school skirt- those socks were the bain of my existence for awhile)  but i’ve always liked fun socks; i mean since i was a kid- except for the hideous knee socks- i always wanted to wear fun socks.  i think i may have been slightly influenced by punky brewster or pippi longstocking.  there are things about me that haven’t changed much; likes and dislikes that have remained constant through my life.  likes-ice cream, chuck taylors, flying, books, stacked bracelets…  dislikes- snakes, olives, laundry, tent camping…. some things don’t change much.  there is also the growing, and the learning who you are.  i would say around the time that i turned 30 maybe a little bit before; i really began to understand myself.  or maybe it was that i was finally honest about who i really am.  maybe i was finally mature enough to be truthful about my likes and dislikes, my strengths and weaknesses.  i’m sure some of it is just growth and circumstances and breadth of experience and change.

what i want has changed; it will probably continue to change.  when chris and i built our first house we were young, our family was small.  i painted our bedroom this bright blue color with a denim like finish; it was horrible.  it was way too bright and hard to match and just too much for a master bedroom.  but in my twenties i guess i liked it- what was i thinking?  i liked our house then.

but when we sold and made plans to build again i wanted bigger.  i wanted a formal dining room where i could entertain my friends at fancy dinner parties; i wanted a huge master bedroom with a sitting area and a school room where we could study and learn and keep all of our books and educational toys.  our house was lovely; it was beautiful and i was sad when we sold it.  i did host dinner parties in my dining room, they were never fancy- i realized fancy didn’t suite me.  i stored a lot of laundry in the sitting area of our ginormous master bedroom; i have fond memories of school time with my young children in our lovely schoolroom loft.

but i have changed.  i like a smaller house now, with less rooms to clean and less space to collect junk; and tighter spaces where we are all comfy together.  we sit in the living room or at the kitchen table for school, and i will probably never want to change that.  when we moved into our current rental home we painted all walls white- no color, no crazy blue denim business.  i’d rather have a large table in my kitchen then fancy dining room.  i want to cook and talk and host families with lots of messy children all around the same kitchen table.

my tastes have changed in part due to the season of life i am in.  i think this is the way of it.  it’s the same way that i could never choose one favorite Bible verse.  they are all good.  different verses speak to me specifically at different times in my life.  because i’m not who i was; i’m being remade.  i’m new.(there’s a little song reference for ya; do you know who sings a song with those fantastic words?) and over and over again i am new, but part of me remains the same.  it’s a little perplexing, this learning myself.

so what do i know about myself that i didn’t know ten years ago?  or what is some specific like/dislike or trait that has changed in the last ten years?  (ten years is a long time peeps- so if it’s too long for you, i mean if you were only 11 ten years ago then you could ask yourself the question using 5 years or 1 year.  i’ll bet your fashion choices have changed in ten years for sure; unless your like me hanging on to some college jeans and t-shirts.)


-i am disorganized, very seriously disorganized.  i used to think that i was an orderly person but naturally i just am not.

-i am creative and i have need to create beautiful things and find beauty.

-i like asparagus.

-i’ve become a tea drinker- living in a colder climate and trying to maintain good health will do that to you.

-i’m an odd introvert; i’m happy to speak in front of a group of 100 women, but ask me to start up a conversation with a stranger in the park and i might break out into a cold sweat or run away.

-i like kale – in a good salad or sautéed in a little bit of coconut oil (it’s so good you should totally try it)

-i still like fun socks – but that’s nothing new.





i’ve never chosen “one little word” for the year.  i’m honestly not much of a planner; so choosing a theme word for a whole year seems daunting.  but the start of this year has been daunting in and of itself.  our family is going through change; we are learning and growing and adapting.  parenting four boys with different personalities, interests, and needs can be intimidating.  throw in the beginning of adolescence for one and some special needs for another and you’ve got a recipe for two overwhelmed parents.  trying to know my children and care for them well has caused me to sink deeper into prayer, thought, reading the Word, and research at the start of this year.  it has also pushed me to be more aware of myself and want needs i have.  somehow parenting can do that; we try to figure out what to do for our kids and we end up learning more about ourselves.

in all the searching and digging i’ve been doing; God has actually brought “one little word” to me this year.  it’s a word for me; a theme for my year; a little of who i am and who i want to be.


community is important to me; it is important to God; it is important to us as Christ followers.  i have always longed for community.  in community i am complete; my joy can be full; i can love better and worship more fully; i can bring more glory to God. so this year i want to gather people into community.  gather-to bring together into one group, collection, or place.  i want to gather people to commune and fellowship and worship.  i want to gather our family together to be close, to enjoy each other, to grow.  i want to gather memories, flowers, good food, joy, eggs, quilts, books….


so there you have it “gather” it’s my mantra for 2015.

do you have a theme for this year?

is there “one little word” you’ve chosen?

it doesn’t all look pretty

i want to start blogging again, but everytime i look at all the blogs i admire, i realize— what i’ve got doesn’t look that pretty.  my house isn’t all decorated; it doesn’t look perfectly imperfect around here.  our piles of laundry aren’t piled high on beds of beautiful linen.


my messy kitchen looks, well messy; it doesn’t look quaint with flour scattered about on antique cutting boards.  there is dust and dirt, and i may be wearing mismatched socks and a shirt with holes (it’s just too comfortable to throw away).  i can admit the imperfections, but i can’t shake the feeling that it just doesn’t add up.


i’ve been learning to balance the line of: all the hopes and dreams and lists of things…and reality.  i know i’m not the only one; your life probably doesn’t look pretty all the time either.  your every hair isn’t always in place; your nails probably aren’t painted (or even better- chippy); you might feel like you “don’t have it altogether”.


we can look at photos on blogs, on instagram, on Facebook and think it all looks so pretty. but a picture is just a portion; it tells a story, but not the whole story.  i say let’s give up trying to look like the picture; it’s not gonna always be pretty.  i think i’d rather be real than pretty anyway.

how about you?


well hello there

it’s been a long time since i’ve done any blogging… a really long time! like a couldn’t even remember what to do when i opened up the page to write…kind of long time! i’ve just been busy doing life and not feeling like writing it all down. i’ve probably conjured up a dozen or more blog posts in my head over the last month or so; just not taking the time to sit down and get it on the screen.

the summer was full: we took a trip back “home” to visit with friends and family; we moved to a fabulous new place here in our little mountain town; we got 18 chickens, 2 pigs, and a cat.


those are just the extras on top of regular life things like: hiking and guests and rodeo and canning and barefoot boys all over the place…


i am so thankful for our new place; i walk outside almost everyday and say “i can’t believe i get to live here!”


i just wanted to pop in here to say hi, and let you all know that i’m still alive and kicking.  i will be back soon- i promise!

happy monday

it’s my birthday- well actually not till wednesday, but i am a big fan of the birthday week celebration!  so my party starts today, here’s whats on the agenda:  cleaning house (not fun but totally necessary), crafting with a friend, starting some seeds (the sun is beaming through my kitchen window just begging me to grow some basil), and a big sale tonight at my instashop.  the sun is shining; the skies are blue, and i’m not feeling older yet.  i’m determined to have a good monday!  some days i wake up groggy and grumpy and not ready.  not ready for the day, not ready for school time, not ready to be a wife and mom, not ready to start feeding this crew of hungry boys.  but today i’m choosing to have a great day!


have a happy monday!

you can check out my sale tonight at 5:00 pm mountain time instagram @onthedoorpostsshop.

it’s fresh


yesterday the hubs and i broke up the ice in the driveway and shoveled out our little honda civic that has been snowed in since december.  (strike that we shoveled it out once before just to see if it would start- it did- trusty little honda)  the driveway was a mess of slushy icy sludge.  we threw chunks of gray ice onto white snow hills.

later we drove to the store and passed banks of piled high snow; black snow.  these past few days we’re seeing black and white.  the sky has been gray the ground white lined in black sludge.  i don’t like this kind of snow.  when it’s old, dirty and slushy.  it bears down on me; it makes me sad; all dreary and painful and heavy.  it mirrors the soul.

but last night it snowed.  big light flakes blew in and covered the murky sludge.  this morning i woke to blue skies and white sheets blanketing the ground.   and my mind wondered to a sweet woman who reminded me just a few weeks ago  “that’s why i love the snow.”


making some changes

i’m making some changes to the blog.  moving some stuff around and trying to make it look pretty.  it’s a work in progress, but i will try to be quick.  let me know what you think. 

in other news: i am having a craft night thursday.  so lots of fun pictures to come!

more news

i’m all about starting new things right now.  so i started my etsy shop just a few weeks ago; i did my first craft night here in steamboat last week; and now i’m adding something new to this blog.  starting next week i will post a -once a week- Bible study.  the study will begin in 1st peter.  it will be a simple exposition of verses with thoughts to ponder, and a few questions to answer if you would like extra study.  my goal is to make this a bible study that you could read with your kiddos.  i will be discussing it with my older boys for sure.

this is a new chapter i’m looking forward to; i miss teaching every week.  i am happy and grateful to use the gifts God has given me.  i am excited to dig into God’s Word, and share what i learn with you.  

happy birthday (a quickie post)

my second son turned 9 years old today.  9 years old!  when did i get so old?  i have a 10 year old and a 9 year old- yikes.  

he is my laid back, easy going, homebody kind of boy.  so we celebrated in little boy fashion with some chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast; a light school day; lots of superhero playing, and a little bit of wii; presents- legos, legos, legos; pizza for dinner and brownies with ice cream (instead of cake) for dessert.

being a mom to these boys is crazy!  they are growing so fast and they just constantly surprise me.  it is a big responsibility and a ton of fun!  

birthday boy quote of the month: “Mommy, it’s like I see my own path lately…”  ( we were walking in the woods, but it meant so much more than dirt trails to me!)  




a blanket of clouds has been shrouding the mountains almost all week; cloaking majesty and beauty and hanging gloom.  yet somehow there is mystery in the dreary misty clouds.  today i pray that my judgement isn’t clouded.  that God’s greatness isn’t hidden by the storms and rainy days and clouds that sometimes hang low and heavy in my life.  that I can see through the mist to my great sovereign Savior.