journey to co part three

day three and four: the plan- grand junction, kansas to kremmling, colorado

-kremmling, colorado to steamboat springs, colorado

the reality- kansas is long and flat.  we had been warned that this would feel like the longest and hardest leg of our trip, but i actually really liked kansas (well all that i saw driving through only stopping for potty breaks) all farmland with windmills spinning in the breeze.  i could picture women hanging handstitched quilts on the line, and kids chasing cattle through the fields.  it did seem to stretch for forever, but it didn’t drag for me like others said it would.


and then we hit colorado, which looked pretty much the same as kansas.  oh colorado you were our final destination; we felt relieved when we hit your soil; realizing our trip was coming to an end.  but you didn’t treat us well- no colorado you didn’t give us a warm welcome!  we had to stop at a gas station for a quick break- well to call it a gas station would give it way to much credit.  it was more like a shed with a few pumps in front and dirty stinky closets with toilets for bathrooms.  a little afraid that we’d stepped in the black hole of the universe we left quickly.  only to drive a little further to blow a tire on the rv.  thank you colorado for your pleasant welcome of a dirty bathroom and a busted tire.

but the Lord was good and provided a service station close by.  we happily paid the young mechanic to take off the blown tire and replace it with the spare.  a short wait and we were on our way, minus one shredded tire!



we were excited to hit denver, but the altitude hit the hubs and number three son like a brick!  they slept in the rv while the rest of us grabbed some pizza.  we tried to keep our spirits up, to be thankful our journey was almost over, to love colorado despite it’s poor welcome, but then…….  another tire blew!  yep- just after dinner we were two hours away from the campground; and all service stations were closed.  oh colorado, why did you treat us so bad?


so we called and canceled our campground reservation and parked in another walmart parking lot for the night… exhausted, frustrated, confused….

but amidst all that seemed just plain rotten, God was good.  we found a great service station in the morning within walking distance of a fabulous target.  we hung out in target and waited while tires were replaced.  then we were on our way to steamboat.

i know that's staples not target.  on our way to target.

i know that’s staples not target. on our way to target.

but the short drive to steamboat turned longer as the uhaul truck huffed and puffed up through the mountains.  the little engine that barely could.  with stress levels high and sleep levels low not all attitudes were good or profitable, but we finally made it.  we landed in steamboat a lot later than planned; road worn, travel weary, expecting, wondering.  glad we’d made it despite colorado’s efforts to chew us up and spit us out.

colorado's beauty doesn't disappoint

colorado’s beauty doesn’t disappoint

thanks for all your prayers for our journey!  sorry it took me so long to write the story.  now that we are happily settled in our new home; the crazy accounts of day three and four don’t seem so bad- hindsight you know.


journey to co part two

day one:  the plan- bumpass, va to taylorsville state park in kentucky

the reality- we left my parents house almost on time; the hubs driving the rv with me and five kids, our good friends driving the uhaul truck.  we were a happy caravan all fresh and rested and excited about the adventure of traveling across country.  we were loaded up with goodies and entertainment for the kiddos and surprise packages packed by grammy and some sweet friends!  to be honest day one was a smooth trip!  we made good time and pulled into taylorsville lake state park just in time to fix hotdogs over a fire for supper.  the park was great!  we took a walk through a quite enchanted forest!  the kids rode their bikes, and we sat around the campfire enjoying being together!  the bathhouse was even ok- no huge spiders!


we all snuggled down in the rv for a good nights rest.  yes, we were sandwiched in there like sardines in a can; but we fit.

day two: the plan-taylorsville lake state park, ky to grand junction, kansas

the reality- we drove through the beautiful farmland of kentucky, and i regretted not being able to hop out at each farm to take pictures.  they were amazing with their rolling hills and painted fences and horses grazing in the fields and unique barns.  driving into st. louis was a little hectic with the city traffic and two large vehicles to maneuver and the rain.  but the men handled it like champs while i tried to keep the kids quiet in the back.


it was the fourth of july so the end of our trip on day two was studded with exploding fireworks everywhere we could see.


we were all looking out the windows to spot the next sparkling lights brightening the sky.  and then we hit grand junction, ks.  we planned to boondock in a wal-mart parking lot; because all the campgrounds were full for fourth of july festivities.  so it was good ‘ol walmart for the night.  i think all the adults slept with one eye open, and our ears covered for all the fireworks that went on late into the night (apparently right in the parking lot with us).  not the best accommodations for the night but it wasn’t terrible.

days 1 and 2 went off pretty much as planned; the real excitement hit on day 3…

to be continued……

journey to co part one

i figured i should write about our trip from va to c.o. before i forget how it went.  because you know my mind isn’t the steel trap that it used to be-ha.  four little boys tend to take up a large amount of my mental space.  we’ve been here in co for about a month now; i can hardly believe it.

i guess i should start with the back story of how we came to leave v.a. in the first place.  so i’m not going to get the whole story out in one post.

God started working on the hearts of the hubs and i sometime back; stirring us up to imagine something different than the life we were living.  not that our life was bad; in fact i thought it was fabulous in many ways.  we had great friends and family close by; a great church; we were settled into life; i thought i finally had figured out the perfect spot on our property to plant veggies…  but the Lord delights in our unexpected.  just when we start to get comfortable in our own skin; He likes to stretch us enough that it takes us awhile to settle in again.

we knew we were in for a change, for a new adventure.  it seems in our family that God only ever allows us 6 months or so to get settled, then on to the next challenge!  i pictured a little farmhouse with big land; somewhere i could sit on my front porch and chat with my elderly neighbors about the growing corn and apple pie recipes.  my dreams were all wrapped around my heart like twine.  well i suppose you know how that goes…  (back to this thought later)

so we began to pray about what, where and how and God opened doors and paved huge pathways for us.  He really directed the hubs to steamboat springs, c.o. where some dear friends of ours had recently moved.  so we started moving in the direction the Lord was pushing us.

we had a contract on our house in 12 days. (which we had tried to sell for about 2 years prior)  the hubs quit his job; but ended up with lots of side work doing construction jobs to help sustain us in the interim.  we took a quick trip out to c.o. to see the town, and were welcomed wholeheartedly by the church.  some amazing friends offered to help move us across country.  a new c.o. friend helped us find a place to rent via internet, emailed pics, and phone.  things fell into place so obviously and simply for us.  we couldn’t deny God’s hand in it.

and so we packed up our belongings in a uhaul truck and fired up the rv; we said sweet farewells- or see you laters- to friends and family. we headed west with no clue except the direction we were headed.

…to be continued…