wear your heart


i started making these denim cuffs this fall.  because i like to create. because i like to repurpose. because i was looking for a way to incorporate words into jewelry.  because i want something meaningful and pretty to wear.

i love words; i love letters that make words and books made by words.  i love they way they look and sound and speak.  i love typography and words as art and representation.  and i love that i found a way to put the words of my heart on my wrist.

i want the constant reminder; i want the pretty, and the practical.

it’s part of the whole “onthedoorposts” thing— sharing God’s Word everywhere in everything (more on that coming soon).

i wanna wear my heart on my sleeve wrist.  



what i wore

so i’m going to try this again- on wednesday this time!  (i am on the ball this week!)  mostly because my friends got a good laugh out of ~what i wore~ last time.  so you know i aim to make people happy.  still not thrilled about the pictures of myself floating out in cyberspace, but i’m dealing.  this week number one son did the photographing; he is a great little critic and the only one i can ask for opinions on clothing.  he’s honest and will definitely tell me if i look goofy!

on to the pics.  blah…. also on that note; one of my favorite bloggers (yes i kind of feel like a blog stalker with her) underthesycamore along with andersoncrew put out a little challenge last week to “embrace the camera”.  yep, like put yourself in front of the camera instead of always taking the pics.  well i don’t do a great job of this like most moms, so i’m putting forth a greater effort to get myself in some photos.

ok now really on to the pics.


sweater and skinnies came from my favorite thrift store in va.

jean shirt actually from walmart (yikes-i bought it years ago b/c it was hanging on a rack close to the food and it was only $2)

awesome big bead necklace came from my sister in uganda

earrings – charming charlie’s (also from my sister- she gives me good presents!)

boots i got at kohl’s

the weather is kind of crazy here right now.  we’ve had light snow a few days this week and it’s turning chilly.  i don’t know if i want to dress in fall clothes like this or huddle up in a big winter jacket.  i love to wear skirts and dresses, but that just isn’t gonna happen so much out here in the rockies!  it’s too cold!

(one side note on the pics- i had to take a selfy to show off my lovely mirrored closet doors.  there’s like 10 of me when i stand in there!)

i’m linking up to pleated poppy today; i like her thoughts on what i wore posts!  good encouragement to get dressed and attempt to look good rather than hang in sweats and a t-shirt all the time!  plus her blog header is so cute!

what i wore www….woops it’s thursday

i’ve seen lots of bloggers who post what i wore wednesday; so i thought i’d give it a try but being the scatterbrained person that i am. here it is thursday and i’m posting.  what i wore thursday doesn’t jingle quite as well does it? maybe i will make it wednesday next week. or maybe i will not like posting pictures of myself and my clothes and i will never do it again. hmmm…..

so skinny jeans- levi’s that i bought at the awesome HOPE thrift store in richmond, va. for $1 (oh how i miss dollar days!).  shirt levi also- couldn’t believe it when i looked, matching brands.  bought this shirt maybe 15 years ago and i still like it.  yes i admit, i am more than thrifty when it comes to clothes; and i have a tendency to save clothes for years and years.  (like i’ve got some stuff from high school in my closet).  shoes are kid’s size converse which i bought at target on sale!  i was so excited to discover that i could fit in a kid’s size converse because they are cheaper and just as cute.


i wore my hair in a high pony tail with fishtail braid.  this braid is so easy and gives you a different twist on your regular braid.

so there you have it.  my afternoon at the skate park outfit.  because that’s where we went today with some friends; not because i have any skating ability.  my biggest is learning to skateboard.

not sure i will be posting more- what i wore.  what’s up with my weird face in the picture- i don’t like photos of myself.