it doesn’t all look pretty

i want to start blogging again, but everytime i look at all the blogs i admire, i realize— what i’ve got doesn’t look that pretty.  my house isn’t all decorated; it doesn’t look perfectly imperfect around here.  our piles of laundry aren’t piled high on beds of beautiful linen.


my messy kitchen looks, well messy; it doesn’t look quaint with flour scattered about on antique cutting boards.  there is dust and dirt, and i may be wearing mismatched socks and a shirt with holes (it’s just too comfortable to throw away).  i can admit the imperfections, but i can’t shake the feeling that it just doesn’t add up.


i’ve been learning to balance the line of: all the hopes and dreams and lists of things…and reality.  i know i’m not the only one; your life probably doesn’t look pretty all the time either.  your every hair isn’t always in place; your nails probably aren’t painted (or even better- chippy); you might feel like you “don’t have it altogether”.


we can look at photos on blogs, on instagram, on Facebook and think it all looks so pretty. but a picture is just a portion; it tells a story, but not the whole story.  i say let’s give up trying to look like the picture; it’s not gonna always be pretty.  i think i’d rather be real than pretty anyway.

how about you?



5 thoughts on “it doesn’t all look pretty

  1. I was just thinking one day this week, photo’s are often so deceptive and sometimes are an outright lie. How interesting that your blog is at least a suggestion of that thought.

    We believers are all in various stages of renewal and
    reconstruction – and those sites are always ‘messy’. Trusting Him with the end result in All Things!

    Plus- PERFECT is usually boring after the 1st glance 😊

  2. Oh how I needed to hear your true, sweet words today.. As I begin my eighth decade of living, being “realer” than ever before is what I pray for.. Bless you dear friend.. Love, judy

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