coffee cozies anyone?

it snowed all weekend here; like cold, windy, yucky snow not pretty, fluffy, floating snowflakes.  so we stayed inside, and i did a lot of perusing because i’ve got gift cards.  and gift cards make me happy and oh so conflicted- what to i get with this card.  boots, books, art, craft supplies… the possibilities are endless and excruciating.  this weekend i was looking at coffee cozies.

coffee cozies.  i know, i know i’m not a coffee drinker so technically i do not deserve to own one.  they are so cute, and i have become a tea drinker; especially during these cold and snowy weekends when i can sip tea and shop online.  the hubs looked over my shoulder yesterday and said… “really that seems unnecessary”.  ha- he totally doesn’t get it.  i take a pint size mason jar out of the cabinet, fill it with water and then pop it in the microwave for a minute and a half.  (i know using a tea kettle would be so much better and quaint, but i’ve got the need for speed.) while the water heats i get out my mug and drop in a tea bag- chai tea if your wondering.  than i have to remove said mason jar from the microwave; it is hot!  seriously, i can handle hot.  i’ve been known to pull a sheet of cookies out of the oven with no mitt- ok that’s a slight exaggeration.  but that mason jar is hotter than i want to touch, so i’ve got to grab a dish towel to wrap around it.  i then pour the hot water from the hot mason jar into my mug usually spilling some and getting my dish towel all wet.  i let my tea steep for a few minutes, anyone know the preferred time for tea steeping?  i add my new fave homemade creamer, and sit down to enjoy my cup of tea.


so you can see my dilemma, can’t you.  if i had a coffee cozy to wrap around that mason jar; i would not burn my fingertips or spill water all over my dish towels, and i could enjoy the cuteness.  hmm maybe it’s the cuteness i’m really after.

now dilemma number two: purchase or make; and with so many options to purchase how could i possibly choose?  i found some cute ones made by nataliecreates and a bunch on etsy.    what do you think?  any profound thoughts on coffee cozies?  have you bought one?  have you made one? do you want to make one for me?  or do you really just feel like you wasted 5 minutes reading this post?

in other thoughts- cookies go well with hot tea and snowy days.  and i had a special little man help me make chocolate chip this weekend.  i ate way too many.


just in case you want my recipe for creamer.

homemade vanilla creamer

1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk

1/2 cup milk (the fattier the better)

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

pour them all into a mason jar and shake it like you mean it.  i’m telling you this stuff is good and easy and versatile and cheap.  the excellent qualities of this creamer are too many to list.


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