seeing beauty

the hubs and i recently had a conversation about how we see beauty.  how we choose to see beauty.  not everyone sees; not everyone chooses.  we choose to look through a different lense at the same world; trying to see through the eyes of the Creator.  to observe all the details of creation; to see the beauty because i know the Creator.  to appreciate the minor and the unseen.  to imagine and awake my soul to see all that a mountain may be; all that a aspen may give; all that a caterpillar can show me.  i’m trying to pay attention, to observe beauty, to find joy.

-my oldest obviously fighting hard to control his anger

-biggest little thanking oldest for being brave when he was hurt

-hubs hearing a song and seeking out chords to learn it b/c it is worth singing and praising

-hot potato soup with lots of cheese

-thankful friends

-spotting my favorite hot air balloon high and away early in the morning

-walking over wooden bridges

-aspen leaves all yellow

-boys all laughing in a pile

-running across a sun-crossed field

it’s all beauty and it’s all there if i seek it.  in the midst of all frustrating circumstances and undue comfort; i’m trying to seek.  i’m digging to find treasure in simple places, and to find joy in today. are you looking for beauty?  because if you really look you will see; if you truly seek you will find joy in hidden places.  where are you finding beauty and unearthing joy?

IMG_3939IMG_3508IMG_4004IMG_4032IMG_3303 IMG_3425 IMG_3504 IMG_3687 IMG_3619 IMG_3632 IMG_3022 IMG_2951 IMG_2852 IMG_2797IMG_3704



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